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Alright… if everybody’s doing it…

September 11, 2009

Alright- I know this is big news and everybody is talking about it… so I’ve got to weigh in…

Did you see the speech Obama made about the health care reform bill yesterday. Rep. Joe Wilson from SC (a Republican) actually shouted “You lie!” at him while he was saying that illegal aliens would not be eligible for public health insurance. Check out him talking to reporters: I guess no one informed him that Obama was talking about what he wanted in the bill- his proposal… Apparently he called the White House to apologize- fat lot of good that does. At the same time as it is a shame to see such rude behavior in the House, it kind of makes me wish that they could still duel in the chamber (not guns or anything… possibly swords)- maybe they would get more done.

In other news- I heard the funniest thing on the way to work today. They were interviewing a guy on the radio (a program called Fresh Air) named Max Blumenthal- he is a reporter. (He apparently has a new book out called Republican Gomorrah: Inside the Movement that Shattered the Party which is what got him on the air in the first place. I’m guessing this was a story from when he was doing research for the book, but I did not hear that much of the interview as it only takes me five minutes to get to work.) He went to Sarah Palin’s church in Wasilla while some well known Bishop was there performing exorcisms. He said he walked into the church and everyone was speaking in tongues. He was trying to fit in (because reporters are not allowed) but had never spoken in tongues before. So he started reciting the names of the Jackson children.

I though I might have to pull over I was laughing so hard.

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