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New Decade… Good Times!

January 7, 2010

As a rule, I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions.  I think this is partly because I know myself, and  I know that just because the year changed does not mean that I have gotten any more motivated to do something that wasn’t really in my head to begin with.  The other part, from what I can remember- dates back to Elementary School- writing essays about our New Year’s resolutions.  I hated that.  As much as I realize it is a good way to get students to look at their lives and see where they can make improvement, I never really saw how that was any of my teacher’s business.  And really, besides the fact that I keep updating this site with what I hope are somewhat interesting stories about my life, I really don’t see what business a resolution is of anyone else but the resolver.  Although telling other people about one’s resolutions probably helps the resolver have some motivation to actually keep the resolution for more than a day, sometimes I really think that people tell other people about their resolutions because they want to feel important.  Quite frankly, it does not matter to me that you want to lose ten pounds by eating just bacon for three months, and you father is going to start collecting bottle-caps and condoms for some strange hobby which involves ceiling fans and a train set.  This is not going to make my life any better in the new year.  (Nor, however, do I think it will make it any worse, especially if someone could explain your father’s hobby to me, as it does sound like it could be amusing…)

Either way- the point is that I will not be making any New Year’s Resolutions, so don’t expect to find any here…

Hope you had a great holiday season!

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