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And the hits just keep on coming…

March 13, 2011

Hello to all of you who have been following this blog, and disappointed. I have gotten really bad at updating in the last few months, mostly due to my life exploding in my face. I promise that now that I have a method of doing this that is separate from my computer, I will have for you soon a very fun story, or perhaps rather, saga, of my car. I just need to figure out the ending- so for now you all need to wait in suspense with me. I wish I could say that the other things in my life were going well, and I can see great things around the bend- but I can’t jump on that wagon yet. Right now is time to just keep my head above water and see what we all bring with us. I’ll try to get more details out when I’m not in as crazy a place, and the whole story- once the car is fixed.

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