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Sewing… The final frontier…

August 19, 2013

Alright, so maybe sewing isn’t nearly as cool as space travel. But with me trying to start this blog thing up again, it is currently my final frontier. Here’s the reasoning:
I work professionally in theater. I have a whole lot of experience in carpentry and metal work. I do basic plastics (though I an nowhere near as skilled as some of my friends in that area). I also work with electrical and stage lighting, and have basic sound knowledge. I have subbed in before as a stage manager and can run a show or manage a crew. From there, I went and took a job at a pottery studio, where I do glazing and kiln loading, as well as working with clay.
The department I was missing in my theater work… Costuming.
wpid-20130107_231907.jpgI have over the past few years (as part of my work in the scene shop) slowly taught myself to use a sewing machine so that I could construct drops (large stage curtains). This, however, is different from sewing. Mostly everything on a drop is a straight line.

There were others besides the one to the right, but I see no need to bore you with curtains. I’ll get them up on my portfolio eventually for those of you who may actually be interested.

wpid-20121218_124720.jpgI also got a whole lot of experience with a pretty (heavy) friend of mine that I was borrowing from the props department. It’s a great machine with a whole lot of charm, and a few quirks (read: reverse hadn’t been invented yet when they made this guy). But all it ever really wanted was a bit of oil and love (and some thread and fabric to tear through).

Now I have a sewing machine of my own. (Don’t tell the one pictured above… It was jealous enough of the serger…)
I figured, well, perhaps I should try sewing something. (Makes sense, right?)

So my first two projects were various bags I found instructions for off of the internet.

wpid-20130806_110816.jpgwpid-20130806_110905.jpgI learned a lot working on these two bags. For example, the desk scissors I was working with were awful for cutting fabric. I was aware of fabric scissors prior to this, but I didn’t want to drop a whole lot of money if this wasn’t going to work out.

I also learned that being able to turn around a 3-D object in your head is very different working with wood (which stays relatively stiff and in shape) than it is with fabric (which you can keep turning inside out on itself and have what seems like endless views of the same project. I’m not going to lie. I tried the last seam on the blue and orange bag three times before I got the proper sides facing out (the bag has a lining) and the handles on the outside of the bag. But I  was being patient as I know I am learning.

From there, I decided to go to the fabric store (as I was pretty much out of random scraps to practice with, and those scissors were starting to drive me a little nuts). This seems like a good place to pause in my sewing journey. But stay tuned for more adventures as the carpenter learns to sew!

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