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What happened to February?

March 1, 2014

Wow. So it is March now.
How did that happen?
Right now I’m a but busy with a lighting design at a local community theater, and with the local arts festival getting started, and work in general…
But as promised, here is another preview picture in the form of a “what is this a closeup of” riddle.


Also, beta testing (or whatever you might call “actually using this in real life” is going well). Nothing broken so far, and I tend to beat up my belongings.

It’s probably going to be a hot minute before I post again. The next two weeks are focus and tech at the theater, followed immediately by the start of this year’s festival gigs, and some stuff that was rescheduled for snow. Speaking of snow- if anyone has seen spring, please return it ASAP.

But you’ll hear from me soon!

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