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B.A. Info?

I am a carpenter, draftsman, photographer, et cetera… with a weird twist- both shaken and stirred…

BA at VSC fundraiser as a ballerina/ tap dancer.

BA at VSC fundraiser as a ballerina/ tap dancer.

Thanks to whoever took this one, I found myself tagged in it on a famous social networking site… but it’s a great picture!

And I promise this stuff, like my life, is all still under construction.

This is me at age 2... helping install our porch.

This is me at age 2… helping install our porch.

Thanks to my mom for the above photo…

OK… so now I had a plan-

Unfortunately last year kicked my butt… big time.

First, I have some photos… now I just need to get into an uploading frenzy- right after I do the dishes and all the other stuff I’ve been meaning to do.

Second, I think I have a better grasp on how to use the site now.

Third, I still need a better name for this page.  I’m going to get right on that after I figure out my budget for the year. (I know that is a weird thing to think about in August, but it makes more sense if you realize that a theatrical season starts around now, therefore so does my new payroll taxes and withholding numbers…)

Fourth, I’m going to breathe.  You won’t see that happening, but I promise, somewhere in here, I will…

Ok. Take 2.
So… I had a plan.

Obviously Take 1 didn’t work. Apparently life is not going to get any less busy.  Nor am I going to be any more able to pay attention to this if I don’t make the time. So, for the moment, we are going to go with this.
The above step 1- I have a portfolio now online.  Check it out. This is where the photos went.
The above step 2- Well, they keep making formatting changes, but I’m still with it. Also, there is an app on my phone now, so I don’t necessarily need to be home to update.  Step 2 is going well.
The above step 3- Can’t think of anything better, so we are going to stick with this name, as I have FAR better things to do with my life.
The above step 4- Yeah… still working on that one.

Now- for the plan on Take 2-
Step 1- Start writing about my new hobby.  I’m learning to sew!  I’m going to use this blog (for now) to journal my journey and hopefully entertain you (at least a little) so that I don’t drive my boyfriend crazy talking about it all the time.
Step 2- Actually post things. With pictures. So far so good. I have one post up, and will keep working on the next one.
Step 3- Breathe.

Now, let’s see how this goes!

Ok, so… New Plan…
We’re just going to stop planning for a while, and see what the universe throws at us.

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  1. Julie permalink
    September 2, 2009 5:47 pm

    looking forward to the new blog!

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